Toyota Provides Support to Victims of Hurricane Harvey

There are many reasons to appreciate the Toyota brand, and its recent demonstration of philanthropy in a time of need for many residents of Houston is one of them. According to the press release from August 30th, the automaker is donating over $3 million to assist people affected from Hurricane Harvey. It will carry out these plans by supporting organizations not only monetarily but by offering volunteerism, vehicles for transporting victims, and more.

The disaster that took place hits close to home because one of there is a Toyota headquarter stationed in Plano, Texas. Many of the company's own employees and their families have been greatly affected. Fortunately, the automaker is banding together with organizations like the American Red Cross and the St. Bernard Project to provide relief to people in Texas. The chairman of Gulf States Toyota (GST) even established the Friedkin Disaster Relief Fund in response which has guaranteed $1 million to assist dealers, associates, and related individuals across the region during this period of recovery.

If you too would like to extend your support, then you can do so by making a donation today to a humanitarian organization of your choice or by adding to the Friedkin Disaster Relief Fund.

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