Reviewers Get Their First Taste of the Impressive 2018 Toyota Camry

Back in January, Toyota took the wraps off the bold, new 2018 Camry. Yes, the most recent model was called that. This one is even more so. After six months of waiting, however, we have more than just its looks to fawn over. Now, the bestselling family sedan’s powertrain details and specs have been released.

It’s good news across the board for drivers, especially those who favor a more engaged ride. In addition to the arsenal of fresh technology outlined in the video above, the new Camry’s base four-cylinder engine is a beast in both power and efficiency. 203 horsepower, 28 mpg city, and 39 mpg highway are the rules of the road. There’s a hybrid, too, of course, and it gets 51 mpg city, and 53 mpg highway—that’s Prius territory. Overall, the driving experience is the most lauded, with the Camry being called the most exciting yet.

With reliability and resale reported to be on par with the outgoing model, the 2018 Camry continues to check all the boxes. To learn when it’s arriving at our Toyota dealership in Somerset, KY, contact our showroom at your convenience.

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