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Toyota Hybrid Cars - FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About Toyota Hybrid Cars

Are you shopping for a new Toyota hybrid vehicle in Danville, KY?  Here at Toyota of Somerset, our hybrid vehicle experts have all the answers to your most popular questions about new Toyota hybrid cars.


What models are included in Toyota's Hybrid Lineup?

The new Toyota hybrid lineup consists of the Toyota Venza, Toyota RAV4 Prime, Toyota RAV4 Hybrid, Toyota Highlander Hybrid, Toyota Camry Hybrid, Toyota Corolla Hybrid, Toyota Avalon Hybrid, Toyota Sienna, Toyota Prius, Toyota Prius Prime, and the Toyota Mirai.

How do Toyota Hybrid engines work?

Toyota hybrid engines work delivering combined power from a gas engine and electric battery working in tandem.  This hybrid setup utilizes combustion power from the gas engine and stored electricity from the hybrid battery to create more efficient and reliable performance.

Do hybrid batteries ever need to be replaced?

Just like traditional car batteries, hybrid batteries sometimes need to be replaced.  Unlike a regular car battery, though, hybrid batteries are more complex and require a professional's assistance to replace properly.

Are Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries inferior to Lithium-Ion (Li Ion batteries)?

Nickel Metal Hydride batteries take longer to charge but are very safe and compatible with other gadgets that use a NiMH battery.  Lithium-Ion batteries recharge very quickly but have a lower capacity and are not as compatible with other products that used Li-Ion batteries.

Are hybrids only good for city driving?

Hybrid batteries are good for a lot of things, including city driving.  As they produce and deliver more efficient on-road performance in the city, they also excel on long road trips outside of the city. Hybrid vehicles are exceptional long-distance travelers because of their increased fuel economy and reduced carbon footprint.

Do hybrids require more maintenance?

A Toyota hybrid requires as much maintenance as a traditional Toyota vehicle.  When it comes time to service your Toyota hybrid, however, it's important to enlist a certified Toyota hybrid professional's help. Hybrid powertrains are much more complicated and require specific tools and trained expertise.

What hybrid warranty coverage do I have on my Toyota?

If you're curious which type of warranty coverage you have on your Toyota, please contact the experts at Toyota of Somerset.  Our team will help you understand your warranty benefits and help you extend your hybrid coverage.  We'll let you know which parts are covered and how long you can expect to enjoy your warranty before it expires.

Do hybrids have expensive components?

Yes, hybrid vehicles have several expensive components, including the powertrain, engine, battery, and more.  Just like any car, hybrid cars can cost you if you don't service them and take care of them properly.

Are Hybrid vehicles just a fad?

Hybrid vehicles are becoming more commonplace as they offer increased fuel efficiency and emit less pollution into the air in Danville, KY.  With more hybrid powertrains coming to the forefront of the auto industry, drivers can expect more and more hybrid options to become available in the coming years.

Do hybrid batteries fill up landfills?

When replacing the hybrid battery in your Toyota hybrid, it's important to recycle your old battery instead of trashing it.  Hybrid batteries, much like regular car batteries, are toxic to the environment and can cause irreparable damage if not handled and disposed of properly.

Are hybrids safe to drive?

Hybrid vehicles are very safe to drive.  Toyota is a leader in active safety and implements the latest advanced safety technology systems in all its hybrid vehicles in Richmond, KY.

Are competitor hybrids the same as Toyota hybrids?

Not all competing hybrid models are the same as what Toyota offers.  Each brand is unique and offers a different style of hybrid vehicles, including various engine types, electric batteries, and performance output.

Hybrids get great gas mileage, but how much less do they pollute?

Hybrid vehicles actually pollute exponentially less than any gas-powered vehicle on the roads in Lexington.  If you're in the market for something that's efficient and environmentally friendly, you can't go wrong with a new or used Toyota hybrid.

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