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Professional Toyota Service in Somerset, KY

Who do you trust when it comes to the routine maintenance and repair needs of your Toyota model? Here at Toyota of Somerset, our factory-trained technicians are experts in the specific functionality that make this daily driver run so reliably throughout your ownership experience. It is this expertise, our genuine Toyota auto parts access, and the top-notch diagnostic tools used inside our Somerset service center, that sets apart what we offer from general mechanic services in the area.

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Are You on the Hunt for a Safe and Reliable Pickup Truck?

The Toyota Tundra is one of the most innovative trucks on the road. It performs better than other trucks on the road. This vehicle is designed to be strong, efficient and most importantly, safe. Here at Toyota of Somerset, we're proud to show off the Tundra and its features to our clients.

The Tundra uses six advanced safety features to keep drivers and their cargo safe. The advanced braking system makes it easy to stop on a dime. Smart Stop technology, anti-lock brakes, and electronic brake-force distribution make stopping more efficient than ever...

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Would You Drive Best in a 2018 Toyota Camry?

As one of the most popular midsize sedans in America, the Toyota Camry has done it again with an impressive vehicle that will provide you with every imaginable feature. Beginning with the "Birds Eye View Camera", the Camry will put you in command. The camera uses a perimeter scan to view the outside of the vehicle from the front, side and rear angles to help you navigate out of tight spaces in addition to being a very useful safety feature. As a driver, you will feel more confident while maneuvering the Camry.

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Online Scheduling Is a Breeze at Toyota of Somerset

Online scheduling is a breeze with our scheduler. You may have scheduled your service appointments by making a phone call in the past. We know that can be a tedious process sometimes. Our online service scheduler provides a quick, reliable tool to set your own appointment.

You can choose from a plethora of appointment times. You can choose the appointment time that works best for you. You can log on to our online service scheduler anytime. This means you can set your next appointment in the morning or in the middle of the night.

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Practice Proper Headlight Maintenance to See Clearly

If you are struggling to see at night, there's probably an issue with your headlights. Whether you need a simple bulb changed, or the housing needs to be replaced, it's necessary to have your headlights properly maintained to keep you seeing well while driving.

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Find your ideal used vehicle today

When you need a new vehicle that coincides with your budget, be sure to not overlook our wide selection of used vehicles here at Toyota of Somerset. If you buy a used vehicle, you are saving a lot of money by not having to shell out for fees or higher registration fees. You will also avoid losing a large chunk of the value of your vehicle due to depreciation.

Buying used has its benefits. If you don't mind driving last year's model, you can save yourself a bundle of cash. You

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Invest in Winter Wiper Blades to Preserve Your Visibility

Some drivers don't realize just how different regular windshield wiper blades are from winter wiper blades. While regular wiper blades may have difficulties dealing with winter weather conditions in Somerset, KY, resulting in streaks being left on your windshield, winter wiper blades are specifically made for these conditions.

Since winter wiper blades are strong enough to move snow off of your windshield, you won't have to deal with the streaks any longer. This is good news because those streaks impair your visibility of the road, which makes driving on slick winter roads...

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How Much Horsepower Do I Need?

Horsepower is a term that has stuck around since the 18th century. This term is a unit of measure that helps describe the power of an engine. When the term was originally coined, it was one to help people understand the power of a steam engine. Since that day the term has stuck around. Engines have changed a lot since the 18th century, but the measurement has remained the same.

So how much horsepower do you need? Well, that depends on your driving habits, style of driving, and your daily commute. All that power can come at a price. The…

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