Transmission Service & Clutch Replacement

Transmission Service & Clutch Replacement

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Transmission Service and Clutch Replacement at Toyota of Somerset

Whether you drive a new Toyota Camry with a continuously variable automatic transmission, or you own a Tacoma with a manual, the transmission will require repair and maintenance routinely. The transmission plays a central role in your vehicle's propulsion system and, without it, your vehicle would remain stuck in the driveway. When you need transmission service or clutch repair, we invite you to visit Toyota of Somerset for detailed maintenance from our factory-trained Toyota technicians. Our Toyota service center is located on-site at our dealership in Somerset, KY, and proudly serving the Danville, KY area.

An Important System to Make Your Toyota Run Smoothly

The transmission of your Toyota, whether automatic or manual, comes comprised of an intricate series of components, from the transmission knob to the clutch itself. The clutch is an integral part of any transmission that provides a halfway point between the engine and wheels. Since the engine is constantly spinning as it runs, the clutch and transmission help regulate how much the wheels turn with the engine and when they do; without the clutch, the wheels would constantly spin indefinitely and cause the engine to wear out.

The transmission engages the clutch which connects to a flywheel, connected to the engine. When manually shifting gears, the clutch pedal operates against the flywheel consistently, with cylinders and a clutch cable helping the engine push the vehicle forward with every gear shift. In an automatic or continuously variable transmission, this process is handled more on its own, but can be disengaged when "neutral" or "low" gears are selected.

Today's clutches and transmissions can typically last up to 80,000 miles when properly cared for and maintained. However, to best ensure these components last this long, you should keep an eye on certain things like the transmission fluid level, the freshness of the transmission fluid, and how much weight your vehicle typically carries, as these can all affect transmission and clutch health.

Top Signs Your Transmission Needs Repair/Replacement

Once your clutch and transmission begin to wear out, you will notice a number of signs and symptoms. Most of these symptoms can manifest ion both automatic and manual transmission cars, so if you notice any of these signs, you should schedule a transmission repair visit immediately:

  • Refusal to Switch Gears: One of the biggest signs your transmission needs service comes in the form of persistent stalling and failure to change gears. This could be a sign of expired transmission fluid or a failure with any transmission or clutch part.
  • Burning Smell: As the transmission fluid wears on, it can gum up and cause the gears of your clutch to stick, generating too much friction. When the transmission overheats and the expired fluid starts to burn, you will notice a burning smell emanating from under the hood, which should be addressed immediately.
  • Leaking Fluid: When transmission fluid begins leaking from your hood, it will often come in the form of a sweet-smelling red fluid underneath your car, which makes it easy to identify. Any leaking fluid should be mentioned to your service technician.
  • Grinding or Shaking: Transmission and clutch components utilize many gears, so as these parts begin to expire, they will rust and grind together, causing foreign noises you might not have noticed before. Expired fluids and malfunctioning transmission parts will also cause the vehicle to shake.
  • "Check Engine" light: When the "Check Engine" light comes on in your Toyota, it could be any number of issues with the transmission, clutch, or engine. Failure to address this dashboard light is both bad for the vehicle and a cause to fail periodic safety inspections.

The Right Services and Parts in the Right Place

Whether you drive a new Toyota, used car, or a Toyota Certified Used Vehicle (TCUV), its transmission and clutch will require periodic service to ensure the car continues to move smoothly through the streets. Toyota of Somerset is one of the best places top get your transmission and clutch repaired in the area, because all of our technicians are Toyota-certified and experienced. If you drive a new or used Toyota our technicians use only genuine manufacturer-backed components and approved transmission fluids. These technicians can even give you feedback on your car, truck, or SUV's future service needs.

Schedule a service appointment today at Toyota of Somerset and check out our monthly parts and service coupons to see if you can save on your next transmission service or clutch replacement appointment. We are proudly serving the London, KY area and we hope to see you soon!