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At Toyota Motor Sales we stock Toyota Genuine Parts designed specifically for your vehicle. Whether you are looking for wiper blades for your Toyota, cabin air filters for a Camry or timing belts for older Toyota vehicles, our team of trained Toyota parts experts are ready to help you find the right part for your Toyota.

Come meet our Toyota parts experts in person at our dealership here in Torrance or give us a call to discuss your vehicle needs. Need help installing your Toyota Genuine Parts? Click here to schedule an appointment to have our Toyota-trained Technicians install your parts or accessories.

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About Toyota of Somerset

Welcome to Toyota of Somerset, your Local Toyota Dealer Serving the Somerset area.

Not only will you find Toyota models at our dealership, serving the greater Somerset area, you'll also find a friendly and accommodating staff eager to assist you.

We're here to help you no matter what it is you're looking for - be it a car service appointment, help picking out the right part for your Toyota, or a test drive in a new or pre-owned vehicle.

If your heart is set on a new Toyota, then we have you covered. Check out our selection of affordable Toyota models at your convenience; when something pops out at you, we'll set you up for a little joyride (i.e. test drive). Singing along to the radio, while optional, is certainly recommended for the full experience.


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Service Hours

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Toyota of Somerset Installs Only Toyota Genuine Parts Near Somerset, KY

To be honest, Toyota is a brand known for longevity. This is seen in the number of used Toyota models in-stock at Toyota of Somerset in the greater Danville area. And when getting these pre-owned Toyota Highlander SUVs up to those same standards as when first leaving the assembly line, only Toyota Genuine Parts are installed.

This goes with regular servicing, maintenance and repairs performed under the auspices of Toyota Service protocols. At Toyota of Somerset, it's what we do in a state-of-art service facility located near London, KY.

The Toyota Genuine Parts' Difference at Toyota of Somerset

Each, every system comprising a Toyota Camry sedan has been shaped by a Toyota Genuine Part. In fact, Toyota engineers may spend an entire career poring over refinements and improvements to parts that will ultimately serve well a Toyota Tacoma owner or lessee.

Here are the various Toyota Genuine Parts in-supply at Toyota of Somerset. In all, these parts have been specifically designed, engineered and tested for your exact Toyota model - even here in the commonwealth.

Toyota Genuine Engine Air Filters

  • Triple layering affords superior trapping and retainment of road dust and dirt, and other airborne imperfections.
  • Recommended is replacing Toyota Genuine Engine Air Filters every 30,000-miles.

Toyota Genuine Brake Components

Parts of pads, rotors, calipers and shoes are easily installed should there be grinding or shuddering when braking. With installation comes peace-of-mind given their all-important, daily function.

Toyota Genuine Oil Filters

  • Crafted specifically for Toyota models, Toyota Genuine Oil Filters trap contaminants before infecting engine oil.
  • Saved is damage to a Toyota engine with healthy, lubricating engine oil coursing through.

Toyota Genuine Batteries

With a battery becoming weak after more than three years of service, TrueStart™ batteries incorporate an efficient combination of cold-cranking amps (CCA) and reserve capacity (RC). Once installed at Toyota of Somerset, the quicker will be starting your Toyota 4Runner in January.

Toyota Genuine Transmission

  • The wear and tear of an automatic transmission will adversely affect fuel performance and gear shifting.
  • Transmission replacements are done at Toyota of Somerset utilizing only Toyota Genuine Automatic Transmissions meant for your Toyota RAV4.

Toyota Genuine Wiper Blades

A rigid wiper frame with molded hinge inserts provides for more lateral stability in Toyota Genuine SightLine™ Wiper Blades. After quick installation, streaks across your Toyota Venza SUV are no more.

Toyota Genuine Service Fluids

  • Antifreeze and coolant are designed without silicates.
  • Brake cleaner helps to prevent brake squealing by cleansing parts.
  • Battery cleaner provides a protective barrier against corrosive elements.
  • Automatic transmission fluid extends the life of a Toyota Genuine Transmission.
  • Brake fluid is of a heavy-duty compound while working efficiently at high temperatures.

Toyota Genuine Spark Plugs

Running the gamut of spark plug designs, Toyota Genuine Spark Plugs come in U-Groove shapes, dual-ground electrode layouts, double platinum configurations and iridium plugs for certain Toyota models. Each set is built to last between 60,000- and 110,000-miles.

Toyota Genuine Timing Belts

  • Cracking in a timing belt could cause major damage to an engine.
  • Toyota Genuine Timing Belts ensure proper fits and lasting performance.

Toyota Genuine Tires

A healthy stock of Toyota Genuine Tires are drawn from daily at Toyota of Somerset. And with the coming change of season approaching, it's best to have your tires inspected for unusual wear or bare treads.

Toyota Genuine Parts Specials Featured at Toyota of Somerset

Any given day, Toyota Genuine Parts will see cost-saving specials applied. As well, ordering parts is as simple as completing an online browsing and ordering process. And even Toyota servicing appointments may also be secured online.

Though, for a more personal touch, visit our dedicated Toyota Genuine Parts department in the greater Somerset area.